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This section is dedicated to all my friends!
Play with the app or with the pieces you can download from the "PRINT" section of this website. You may also add your own recycled objects to your creation! Send your kats to I'll post them here! Enjoy creative! Meeeoowww!!

School of Bra - Via Vittorio Emanuele II

visit Cristina Làstrego Testa exhibition

Primary School - Franco Gioetti - Bra

State Institute "Ernesto Guala" - Bra

Infansy state School - Zanguidi - Parma

click here to see the pdf document created by the childrens

Primary School of Cisterna d'Asti

click here to see the pdf with the themes invented by the children

Click here to see the pdf with children's drawings

Internetional European State school Altiero Spinelli – Ragazzi progetto Comenius - Turin

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